ImageCanada could be on the road to cleaner air and lower greenhouse gas emissions as a result of a major environmental initiative from the trucking industry. CTA’s enviroTruck program will ensure that the trucking industry is as clean and green as possible by tackling both air quality and climate change challenges through the cooperative effort of motor carriers, industry manufacturers, and government. Read more


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CTA News

Atlantic Truckers 'Held Hostage' by Rate Increase for Poor Ferry Service
Atlantic Canada's truckers will pay more for ferry service to Newfoundland and Labrador as of April 1 despite having endured months of sub-standard service- 04/02/2014

FMCSA Field-Testing Wireless Roadside Inspection System
FMCSA is conducting a field test to show the benefits of a national wireless roadside inspection system, according to Heavy Duty Trucking.- 04/01/2014

Truck Supplier: US to Mandate More Collision Mitigation Systems
A major truck components systems manufacturer suggested that more regulations requiring the adoption of active safety systems are around the corner in North America.- 03/31/2014

FMCSA to Study Split Rest in '14
FMCSA is confirming plans to study whether expanding use of split rest in sleeper berths can improve both safety and productivity,- 03/31/2014

TCP Sees Truckers' Optimism Pervading
With capacity tightening and rates increasing, confidence among truckers remains high.- 03/31/2014

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